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This is a compilation of Literature related links for Telugu Language. It does not contain many useful links such as those to Telugu movie music, general business enterprises, movie stars, etc.
In case you are aware of other important links to Telugu Literature (especially your own web page), kindly inform Uma Mahesh Babu L V.
Disclaimer: The following links do not mean that the present site and people connected with it endorse any of the material posted on those sites! The comments next to the links are given in a lighter vein. They are in no way meant to offend or slight any individual(s).
Last Revised: June, 2004.
 Telugu Language Literature
Home of the present site. Contains Samples of literature with relevant introductions where ever possible. Several hundred poems, etc. Long term vision: To provide full e-texts to Telugu literature. Volunteer based.
 Telugu Literary home page

From Dr. K.V. Rao's India Network foundation. Pioneering site. Packets of useful material. However, quite slow in progress. Volunteer based.


Lekha -an excellent site. Many big names in the Internet Telugu scene are associated with it. Volunteer based. This site has the potential to become the finest Telugu site on the net. Many useful pages are being created. Check out the following:

 Ramakrishna Sanka

Sri Ramakrishna Sanka's personal page -Fine compilation of many Telugu poems and related material. Both in RIT and Telugu Lipi. Over the years, he collected many Telugu poems posted by various netters on SCIT and TELUSA and put them on his page. The present site and Sri Sanka's page have prepared portions of kanyaaSUlkaM e-text in conjunctiond.

 telugu diksUci

Sri Anantha Sudhaker Uppala -Good collection of links. Author's personal works too. Additional material of interest. Notes on Telugu meters, etc.

 Telugu Literary Corner

Sri Sudesh Pillutla from Texas. Put up poetry and other material. Does not seem to have updated it for quite sometime.

 Learn Telugu from Telugu University

Well compiled material on basic Telugu alphabets, etc. Telugu University. Web site hosted by Andhra Today.

 Pedda Bala Siksha (parts), etc.

Some portions of the pedda baala Siksha as well as useful lessons on Telugu Alphabet, etc. Sri Sreenivas and Smt. Anuradha Sirigina -developers of Telugu Lipi. Used to present Telusa mails also in Telugu Lipi.

 Ari Sitaramayya

Dr. Ari's translation of Volga's Sweccha (1987). Must read.

 Akkiraju & Swarna

They seem to promise to post quite a large amount of material - nothing yet!.





 and More... to come